i saw it in a dream. i felt it in darkness. i knew it from somewhere, but i was lost. it was friendly, i did not know why. i sat down and it sat next to me. time quickly moved forward. i did not realize it; some things just move, without memory or willingness. it moved toward me with a purpose i did not understand. things became different, it felt threatening. i was no longer in my youth. i had to accept the things that were. i tried to remain indifferent and it became hostile. i did not know how to react. i disappeared within myself and i saw a vision, a time and a place dripping inside of me. a feeling i could not escape. a feeling i could not accept. i was draped in it. i reappeared and it was on top of me. i felt the coldness of the tear before i noticed the face in front of me was my own. i awoke. i cannot explain the sadness, nor can i live with it. the night has been long and full of strange dreams.

i did not intend on separating worlds, this was how i found them.